Welcome! I’m Lydia. I’m French-American, I’m a former broadcaster, I’m wife to Andrew and Maman to Adelina and Jonas (and baby #3 coming at the end of the summer!). Ours is a bilingual home, and it’s a place where we’re definitely learning and growing.

What’s this blog about?

I’d categorize this as a mostly personal blog, but I also share things I learn from other amazing mothers and inspiring people around me. There’s a lot of motherhood, because I’m at a point in my life where this role is sometimes all-consuming, and that’s OK.


There are funny childhood stories, some French recipes and other cultural how-to’s, tales of raising bilingual kids, musings on building family traditions and organizational systems. One of my pet topics is the intersection of media and our personal lives and mental space — I’ve even spoken about it at a women’s conference!

Finally, you’ll hear quite a bit about clubfoot: our son Jonas was born with bilateral clubfeet, and I’m sharing our journey because it’s been hugely helpful for me to hear about others’ experiences with this condition. I hope it’s helpful for you other clubfoot parents out there!


You won’t see a picture-perfect portrait of blissful motherhood, because that’s definitely not me — there is immense joy and immense pain in this work, depending on the day — but I do try to stay positive and sane, and I’ll take you along on my journey in capturing the awesome parts of it while trying to shake the crazy. Join me!


Please, make yourself comfortable, comment, participate, but stay respectful. I will moderate comments for language, personal attacks and discriminatory remarks.

A little more about me:

I was born in Nice, France, lived in Virginia for a few years, then my family went back to Bordeaux, France where I finished school. My father is French and sings opera, my mom’s an American and a gifted learning teacher.

At 18 years old, I packed three suitcases with everything my post-high-school-self owned and moved to beautiful Provo, Utah to study at BYU. The broadcast journalism program there stretched me way past my comfort zone, and I’m so glad for it! I won a couple of awards, and worked on improving my voice and writing a solid story. I also met my handsome husband on the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, and it didn’t hurt that he was fresh off spending two years in Switzerland and France!


You might have guessed from the college we attended: we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am especially passionate about the value, power, and divinity we find as women in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My husband and I still enjoy tearing up the dance floor together, and Andrew also happens to be a talented violinist so we love to perform together in church when possible. (I play some piano so I accompany him. This guy’s pretty impressive, huh!)


(Photo via Rachael Maxwell Photography)

I was an executive producer, reporter and news anchor for a TV station for four years, and I loved my job despite the crazy hours and high stress levels. (OK, it was a love-hate relationship some days. This work is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you…)


When we moved further west to pursue my husband’s dream job, I decided to take a break since we were expecting baby #2. It was the right decision for us at that moment in time, but who knows what the future holds! (No, seriously, if you know, please tell me, because it’s a mystery… ha!) I am grateful for the opportunity to dedicate all my energy to raising our children for now though, and I’m glad to say I’ve adapted relatively well to the home life so far. Actually, I’m surprised at how much I’ve been loving it.

We now live in Las Vegas, NV after six years in rural Wyoming. We welcomed Adelina to our family nearly five years ago now (my goodness how time flies!), and Jonas two years later. And #3 is on the way! My husband has the immense privilege of working from home now, and it’s a dream come true for our family. If you can make it happen, seize that chance!


(Photo via Kevin Tran, taken in my beautiful hometown of Bordeaux)

We’re kind of sort of a homeschooling family, at the “dipping our toes in to see” phase right now, ha! But I’m definitely drawn to a lot of what homeschooling has to offer in terms of family life, creativity and joy in learning, going at your child’s pace, etc. And since we are raising our kids bilingual and the only French immersion program near us costs thousands of dollars a year, it’s also sort of by necessity, ha!

Oh, and I’m putting those journalism skills to use as a photographer & videographer these days, if you’re in need of family, children’s or couples’ photography in the Southwest Las Vegas or St George area, check out my site here or follow me on Facebook & Instagram!



I’ve been a contributor to the Mormon Women Project and Their Story is Our Story: Giving Voice to Refugees, and a speaker at SALT LDS Retreat, causes and organizations that are near and dear to my heart. Check them out if you have a minute, you’ll come away uplifted and inspired.

You can find me on Instagram @LydiaDN, and on YouTube when the fancy strikes me. Thanks for reading!